• SiO2 Final Finish Protectant
• Non-Abrasive Formula
• Locks in Surface Protection
• Intense Gloss, Color & Hydrophobics
• Durability Beyond Waxes & Sealants

CERAMIC LOCK is a true ceramic cream coating formulation that delivers an intense hydrophobic reflective gloss. Unlike traditional wax sealants, CERAMIC LOCK provides superior durability, chemical and contaminate resistance. The nano-particle formulation of CERAMIC LOCK penetrates deeper into the surface on a molecular level, locking in rich color and deep gloss. More friction resistance is provided when friction-induced hand/mitt washing is performed. CERAMIC LOCK is an easy to use, stand alone final surface protectant. This final protectant formula can also be applied after virtually all non-silicone and non-wax correction polishes. For best results, apply after surface correction using our Professional line of polishes. These polishes contain no fillers, allowing for the best SiO2 bonding and curing.

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Advanced Paint Correction System

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