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The FLEX PE8 Kompakt HD Rotary Polisher is a purpose-built polisher designed specifically for small, intricate body panels. The FLEX PE8 Kompakt HD Rotary Polisher is far less cumbersome than a full-size rotary polisher, making it the ideal choice for spot repair, motorcycle detailing, and other applications where size matters! The FLEX PE8 Kompakt HD Rotary Polisher is lightweight, easy to hold on to, smooth, and powerful. Designed for use with pads ranging from 1 to 3 inches in diameter.

Flex tools is renowned for precision engineering and superior manufacturing techniques that produce durable and dependable tools and equipment. The PE8 continues this tradition with helical cut gears for gradual and smooth engagement and polishing action. The 350 watt motor delivers smooth polishing between 1300 and 3900 RPMs.

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  • Reach those hard to reach and intricate details
  • Polish gel coat, fiberglass, and more
  • Easily polish small spaces and extreme contours
  • Polish away scratches, swirls, oxidation, defects
  • Spot polish small eyesores


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Weight5 lbs


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