FLEX XCE 8 125 CORDLESS BEAST POLISHER with Charger & Batteries


The BEAST has gone CORDLESS!! The FLEX XCE 8 125 CORDLESS BEAST POLISHER is a random orbital polisher with positive-action drive 18.0 with a brushless motor.

Set includes The Cordless BEAST, 2 qty. 5 amp. batteries and smart charger!

The FLEX XCE 8-125 18.0 Polisher is a dual-action polisher designed with the same FLEX qualities of their other tools – that means the same power, correcting abilities, and reliability as your FLEX 3401 – without the cord! The latest addition to the FLEX Cordless line-up, the FLEX XCE 8-125 18.0 Polisher uses it’s gear-driven, 8 mm orbit to blast away all paint imperfection, including paint swirls, scratches, RIDS, holograms, and anything else that may be marring your painted surfaces!

FLEX has every important based covered with the FLEX XCE 8-125 18.0 Polisher:
Electronic Management System – The FLEX XCE 8-125 18.0 Polisher uses a specialized Electronic Management System (EMS) that protects the machine while also extending the service life and increasing efficiency.
Brushless Motor – By using a brushless motor, FLEX has given the XCE 8-125 18.0 Polisher the ability to be more efficient and with a longer service life – you won’t have to replace motor brushes because they’re not necessary in the XCE 8-125!
Traditional Grip Hood – Using the traditional, ergonomically correct SoftGrip handle FLEX is known for, the XCE 8-125 feels smooth in your hands and won’t cause hand fatigue during extended polishing sessions.
Interchangeable Batteries – If you already have a FLEX Cordless XFE15, you can use the same batteries and battery charger that you already have! The FLEX Lithium Ion Batteries have a great working life and are durable enough to last you years! The FLEX XCE 8-125 also uses an LED battery capacity display to keep you aware of your battery levels.



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  • 8 mm polishing stroke, positive-action drive provides high abrasive power without creating any holograms
  • Ideal for tackling the most common surface problems through to finishing without creating any holograms
  • Counterweight for smoother operation
  • Low heat generation on the surface makes it ideal for temperature-sensitive paints
  • Brushless motor with greater efficiency and a longer service life
  • Grip hood: ergonomically shaped with SoftGrip. The machine can be controlled with precision and is always comfortable yet secure to hold.
  • Flat gear head reduces distance to the surface. The machine can therefore be operated safely in any position.
  • Optimised air flow for optimum cooling of motor and gear. No annoying exhaust air for the user
  • Cushioned special hook and loop pad for polishing.
  • LED battery capacity display
  • Electronic management system (EMS) protects the machine, extends the service life, and increases efficiency
  • FLEX battery system: suitable for all 18,0 V battery packs

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 11 × 27 in


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