This Revolutionary Anti-Static spun blend of 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide fabric is 100 times finer than human hair, Perfect to be used even on the softest of paint. Excellent for: level coating, spray sealants, removing wax residue, general wiping and dusting.

  • 10-pack of microfiber towels
  • 16 in. X 16 in.
  • Ultra soft 390GSM
  • Non-scratch edgeless
  • Removable tag


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The Majestic Solutions microfiber Edgeless cloth is a professional-grade cleaning tool that is designed to provide a superior clean for any surface. Made of high-quality microfiber, this cloth is incredibly soft and delicate, making it perfect for use on delicate surfaces such as glass, paint, and other automotive surfaces.

The microfiber material of this cloth is specially designed to be both durable and absorbent. The fabric is able to trap and hold dirt, dust, and other debris more effectively than traditional cloths, making it the perfect choice to use for cleaning cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles.

Unlike traditional cleaning cloths, the Majestic Solutions microfiber Edgeless cloth is designed to be completely edgeless. This means that there are no rough edges or seams that could scratch or damage surfaces. The cloth has a smooth, uniform surface that provides a gentle and even clean without leaving any streaks.

This microfiber cloth is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Simply rinse it out with warm water and soap and let it air dry. It is durable and can be used repeatedly, making it a more cost-effective choice than disposable cleaning cloths.

Overall, the Majestic Solutions microfiber Edgeless cloth is an outstanding cleaning tool that provides a high-quality clean on any surface. The combination of soft and absorbent microfiber along with the edgeless design makes it the perfect choice for professionals and amateurs alike. It’s an excellent investment for anyone who wants a superior cleaning experience.

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