If your car deserves the white glove treatment, then these little goodies are for you. These 5 finger, ultra-soft, Microfiber gloves are ideal for either cleaning, washing or dusting. The ultra-soft Microfiber traps dirt to help prevent scratching. With each finger surrounded by Microfiber, you can clean, remove wax, dust or wash all the tight areas you could not reach before. Many customers use them to scrub the difficult to clean areas of the new intricate design alloy rims. The uses are only limited by your imagination. All of the seams are stitched internally to eliminate the possibility of scratching. The one size will fit all size hands. When dirty, machine wash using the gentle cycle and warm water with detergent, no fabric softener or bleach and air dry. Do not wash with any cotton fabric as the lint will be trapped by the Microfiber.

Each package contains 2 gloves.



Microfiber cleaning gloves are specialized gloves used for cleaning various surfaces. These gloves are made of a blend of polyester and nylon fibers which are ultra-fine, making it perfect for removing dirt, dust, and grime from surfaces without leaving any scratches or streaks. The fibers in the gloves are also highly absorbent, and they can hold up to seven times their weight in water, making them ideal for cleaning up spills and messes.

Microfiber cleaning gloves are often used in household cleaning tasks, including washing dishes, scrubbing surfaces, and wiping down countertops. They are also perfect for cleaning more delicate surfaces, such as glass and electronics, as the ultra-fine fibers are gentle and won’t cause any damage. Additionally, the gloves are machine washable and reusable, making them a cost-effective solution for cleaning.

Overall, microfiber cleaning gloves are an essential tool in any household or workplace cleaning arsenal. They provide an efficient and easy way to clean various surfaces and offer a superior level of cleaning compared to traditional cleaning cloths or sponges.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 1 in


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