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SHIELD CARBON X is a Next Level Graphene Coating. This one atom thick Carbon-based Nanomaterial provides the Longest Lasting Enhanced Surface Protection. Compared to original Ceramic Coatings, the CARBON X Graphene variant has improved characteristics:

  • 9H Hardness, 7+ Years or more of protection
  • 100 times stronger than equal thickness of steel
  • Less prone to water spotting
  • Higher stain resistance against bugs, saps, droppings, etc.
  • Higher scratch resistance during the washing process
  • Easier to apply than previous Ceramic Coatings
  • Increased depth and clarity to all surfaces
  • Lower sliding angle with water evacuating at angles less than 10-15°
  • Higher contact angles averaging 110-118°

Graphene is widely known as a one-atom-thick two-dimensional sheet of carbon that is tightly packed into honey-comb like lattice. In simple terms, graphene can be described as a single layer of graphite. That’s it. A single layer of the mineral you are familiar with called graphite. Graphite before converted graphene is a soft, flexible, extremely heat resistant mineral. Once converted, graphene becomes the thinnest, and the strongest material in the world, yet it is flexible which makes it a great addition to the automotive paint coating industry. Graphene is 100 times stronger than equal thickness of steel.

So what makes graphene coatings better than ceramic coatings? Graphene actually reduces heat on the surface of your paint, so that water spotting is much less likely, when compared to ceramic coatings. Ceramic based coatings actually retain heat, so any water that remains on the surface, will become a durable, mineral loaded water spot. These water spots will etch themselves into the coating, and eventually into your paint that you spent so much money getting polished before your coating.

Kit Includes:

  • 50ml CARBON X Graphene Coating
  • Foam Application Block
  • Microfiber Application Swatches



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  1. Andy Bradley (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Very easy to apply. Top it off with shield repel and you’ll have the best of all world’s!

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