NEW IMPROVED SHIELD GLASS is now formulated with nano molecule GRAPHENE technology; providing the highest level of surface clarity and hydrophobic results!

The following material surfaces can be coated: Windshields, acrylics & poly-carbonate windscreens, headlight lenses, mirrors, hard polished plastics, all other types of glass surfaces, helmet/motorcycle visors, industrial/residential glass, aircraft glass, windscreens, side windows, solar panels, and more.

This incredible nano carbon Graphene coating provides resistance against micro-abrasions, bonded industrial fallout and organic matter. SHIELD GLASS dramatically increases surface slickness and hydrophobics for up to 1 year (depending on environmental conditions). A noticeable increase in surface clarity/visibility is achieved providing safer driving conditions. The extra easy-to-clean characteristics of the coated surfaces also helps keep clear glass and plastic surfaces clean and clear longer than if uncoated. Shield Glass coating adds resistance to wiper blade micro-scratches and is more durable compared to ordinary glass sealants. Unlike polymer type rain repellent products that only adhere to the top surface using weak bond chemistry, SHIELD GLASS Graphene coating bonds within the glass material surface, providing longer life to the surface.


Prep the surface to be treated. Decontaminate glass using D-Con Lube and a clay bar or NanoSkin Mitt. If water spots are present, use Majestic Solution’s Water Spot Remover, avoiding the wiper blade area. Prior to coating application, spray SHIELD Surface Prep to all areas to be coated, then wipe to dry/clean with a clean microfiber cloth. Apply SHIELD GLASS directly and evenly to moisten the applicator/swatch cloth provided in the kit then apply completely & evenly to the surface out of direct sunlight.  Spread product evenly using the included coating foam applicator wrapped with a microfiber swatch. Allow coating to set for about 30seconds in warm air to 60 seconds cool air. Using our professional grade “clean microfiber” cloth, wipe away excess and polish to a clear finish.


  • 50 ml of Shield Glass Graphene Infused Coating
  • Microfiber Coating Swatches & Foam Block.

This kit can coat 6 or more vehicles depending on vehicle size. It is highly recommended to purchase the SHIELD Surface Prep along with this kit to better prepare your surfaces for coating.



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