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NEW! SHIELD Graphene Spray Coating provides incredible gloss and durabilty against damaging environmental contaminates. This is the perfect standalone spray Graphene Coating or maintenance spray for SHIELD CARBON X Graphene Coated vehicles. It’s a quick, waterless spray coating for all exterior vehicle surfaces. It can be used as a top coat sealer protectant, waterless wash dust cleaner, and as a drying aid. Due to Graphene’s unique nano-molecular structure and chemical nature, Graphene allows for increased slickness, gloss, color rich reflection, and added durability. For optimum purity and performance, no fragrance oils or dyes have been added. SHIELD Graphene Spray Coating is extremely resistant to strong detergents. SHIELD Graphene Spray Coating is safe for use on paint, glass, chrome, wheels, plastic, and trim to safely clean, shine, and protect with just a quick mist and wipe.

Size: 16 oz with Sprayer

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 9 in


  1. Denny

    Outstanding product! The shine, hydrophobics and ease of use are amazing! Buy this product, you will not be disappointed!

  2. Logan Griffiths

    I had high hopes for this product and it did not disappoint! It was very easy to apply using a microfiber applicator pad and then polish with a regular plush microfiber towel. No streaking or high spots anywhere either. I applied this to a new Jeep grand Cherokee and still have atleast 3/4 of the bottle left as well, great hydrophobics, nice shine and easy to apply! 100% recommend this product!

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