Majestic Solution’s SHIELD REPEL is a revolutionary Nano Technology SiO2 (silica) based coating, whose protection is measured in terms of years, not months or seasons. Applying REPEL to your surface provides a sacrificial semi-permanent glass layer that will give a gloss level that is unmatched by conventional polymer and organic wax based protectants. REPEL will not simply wash off like traditional paint sealants, and will in fact resist harsh chemical cleaners and extreme temperatures. REPEL’s nano ceramic advanced technology provides automobiles, aircraft, boats, and recreational vehicles unbeatable gloss and protection from the elements. Industrial contamination, road soils and harmful sun exposure are no match for REPEL. Your finish will remain slick, super hydrophobic, and glossy for much longer than any traditional wax or paint sealant. You’ll enjoy years of surface protection with just one application!

It is highly recommended to purchase the SHIELD Surface Prep along with this kit to better prepare your surfaces for coating.


  • SHIELD REPEL Ceramic Coating (30ml)
  • EZ Squeeze Dropper for Coating
  • Microfiber Inner Lined Coating Applicator
  • Protected With SHIELD Mirror Hanger for Customer
  • SHIELD Application Sticker for Coated Vehicle


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