Super Foam is a high sudsing, biodegradable, and concentrated professional wash soap. It washes away dirt, grease and road grime with ease, and rinses easily. Super Foam’s pH balanced formula will not harm previously applied waxes or sealants. The pH balanced properties also help Super Foam to rinse away clean without leaving behind any acidic residue. Whether you use hard or soft water does not matter. The amount of foam/suds that Super Foam produces is incredible. This helps to encapsulate & lift dirt and oily road film from surfaces with ease.

• An Excellent General-Use Shampoo
• Extreme High Foam
• PH Balanced and Rinses Easily
• Long Lasting Foam Stability
• Eco-Safe and Biodegradable

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Start by rinsing off the vehicle with cool water using a standard garden hose or power washer to remove any heavy loose dirt and soil. Depending on soil conditions, use 4 to 8 ounces in a regular size wash pail. Be sure to use a grit guard in your bucket to reduce dirt scratching surfaces. Using 2 buckets is also recommended for the least possible scratches. Use one bucket for the lower body panels, fenderwells, wheels and tires. Use the second bucket for all upper panels. If your choice is a garden hose for rinsing and Super Foam application, then be sure to ask about our “HYDRO FOAMER” attachment for better application. Water consumption can be greatly reduced by choosing a power washer for rinsing. Ask about our “FOAM CANNON LANCE“ attachment when using power washer equipment. Avoid washing in direct sunlight on warm days to prevent accelerated drying. Results may vary due to total dissolved solids that exist within the water. (Hard vs soft water).

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